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Everyone knows that death metal is one of the most powerful forms of metal whenever it comes out of incredible Scandinavia, as that entire area is a paradise for metalheads who never age and show no signs of diminishing in quality or quantity in the short term. And it is from the depths of the underground and through the woods that new acts with a ton of potential constantly emerge, Korpsesoturi with their totally destructive debut.

There are very few things that can come close to the pleasure of listening to top-quality Finnish metal, as that country has what seems to be the entire spectrum of metal down to a fucking science, as we’ve welcomed tons of acts from the incredibly unusual like Whispered even classics worshipers like what we have with Korpsesoturi, whose debut take on death metal is nothing short of delightful. It’s exactly the kind of thing we expect from Finland, and “Malus Corpus” only increases the love for that country and focuses my attention on the glory that Korpsesoturi has only just begun to show. Being able to start with such a fantastic variety of vicious, rotten death metal that stops nothing is a unique joy and Korpsesoturi simply makes “Malus Corpus” an incredibly incredible time with these ten tracks that are just what many death metal fans they cry out. . We feel no remorse throughout “Malus Corpus” as Korpsesoturi progresses from one track to the next through intense instrumentation, vocals that boil the blood like few others, energy that could break the very core of the earth, and a great feeling. of musicality that really makes this band move as a single unit and everything feels organic from start to finish.

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