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Blue 10″ Vinyl.

Shipping on April 30

As they themselves tell us, “Futuro Primitivo was born from a musical reunion between ‘Llobet’ Puig and Pere
Sánchez at the end of 2019”, who had already shared many adventures in the long-awaited Vortice. After checking
drums and guitar that the chemistry was still there, they were soon joined by bassist Carlo Pavia (ex-RVNA, Buen Destino), and of course, another ex-Vortice member like Álex Misas took over the microphone. Later it is Manel Gallego (Xmilk, Plastidecore) who arrives at the Barcelona combo after the departure of Carlos.
The result of this winning sum is a wild mix of extreme metal and thrash, along with the hard glue of
what unites them most: hardcore. From October to November 2022 they will lock themselves in the Wheel Sound Studio in Txosse
Ruiz (NoWayOut, Zimt…), who produced Decline for Víctor Garcia to later
The Ultramarinos of Barcelona mastered these ten howitzers that make up their debut.

Futuro Primitivo’s first album will be released on April 30, and don’t expect any kind of mercy from them.
Imagine an unbreakable, rebellious and direct alloy that draws from both Sepultura and Napalm Death, from
Soziedad Alkoholika as of Brujeria. Declive is a hoot that freaks you out!



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