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STILLBORN – Cultura De La Muerte / VINYL LP


White/Black Galaxy 12″ Vinyl

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Within this new section of releases from Godz ov War Productions, the difference that exists between Goatsmegma, Eggs of Gomorrh and Barbaric Horde with this new production from the Poles from Stillborn. It is the level of intensity and power that the Poles have over the other bands, because it is felt from the first second that the music of “Cultura de la Muerte” is made by people who have more than 20 years in the extreme scene of their country and they know very well what they want without having to resort to elements from other well-known bands, but rather having that brutal and extreme essence that this mixture of Black Metal and Death Metal must have.

Within these 10 to 15 years, talk about bands from Poland or listen to many bands, old and new, these bands present an incredible level in their music and with a sound only distinguishable in bands from their country. And without the need for these bands to know each other or have friendly relationships, their sound has begun to develop in a way that is unthinkable in many bands there, and as a result of this issue, we have the “Cultura de la Muerte” of Stillborn as an extreme and brutal icon within extreme music. Because without needing to appear on the radar of many manic metalheads, their music presents extreme brutality in every sense, maintaining that tradition of all Polish bands. Show you that their country is one of the most blasphemous and fierce when it comes to metal at a general level.

The music since that “Satanás el Grande” (2004) always left me with a good taste in my mouth and even motivated me to get their material, because first it is in Spanish title, which serves as a distinctive feature in their albums until this “Culture of Death ”. Where everything is brutal, fierce, straight to the core of every lover of accelerated blast beats since you start with “Gniew Diabła” and end with “Ostatni Prorok”. In addition to mentioning, it is one of those bands that, album after album, macerated very well and found a rough and militarized path. Because all the songs do not have that wild or jackal side of other bands within Black Death Metal, but rather have intensity, power and are full of dreamy musical exchanges where the work of D.M. It is impressive in the style of blast beats stuck to the snare, where his work in other bands like Squash Bowels helped a lot to make this sixth Stillborn album a complete hit.

“Cultura de la Muerte” by Stillborn is a gem of extreme brutality and metal, which does not need to draw on influences from the past, just present music that blows your ears and presents things directly to you. Very good extreme album that returns to the band’s initial sound and moves away from more ragged moments that happened in “Los Asesinos del Sur” (2011) and “Testimonio de Bautismo” (2016). So 4 were enough to have this musical monster

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