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Yellow 12″ Vinyl

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A wonderful death-doom release for you… but this one is not the usual and fancy shit that you may get from Relapse rec. I assure you, that this stuff is catchy and full of rot! Every tune of these songs is like a worm, and they are swarming in the dead body… disgusting isn’t it?

First on the line are Sewer Fiend. This duo from the UK managed to create a really wonderful and heavy material. Their music slowly gets under your skin with a spooky intro and then lays worms right into your flesh, ha! But I also want to highlight the sound and general songwriting. A deep and low sound will surprise you and of course, guys didn’t forget to take to most filthy remains from the death and doom metal genres and put them in one pot. The riffs are monstrous, the vocals are disgusting… and this gloomy cemetery atmosphere, that is really something!

Czech Plague Patrol serves us with solid old moldy death metal. Awesome pumping power, great sound and a mystically dark atmosphere. Crazy, buzzing guitar and bass are mesmerizing… The vocalist is trying to spit his lungs off, and that fits well. Drums are old-fashioned (in the best way). In comparison with the first band, this music is a bit faster, but it has the same taste of the maggots. This music like a void of madness.

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