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MVLTIFISSION – Decomposition In The Painful Metamorphosis / CD JEWELCASE


Cd // Jewelcase

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When it comes to metal from China, my knowledge of their scene is admittedly not the best, but I would like to add here that Mvltifission released an incredible album back in 2021 that was undoubtedly one of that year’s best.

The album harks back to the glory days of Death Metal, when bands still sounded original and had that obscure, evil sound. Comparisons to Demilich are inevitable, although the band seem to display enough individual chops in their arsenal to set them apart.

A focal point of this album is undoubtedly their penchant for writing killer riffs and not sounding like a poor rehash of their influences, producing Death Metal that is both distinct and well-crafted. The vocals are putrid gutturals straight from the bowels of hell, complimented by bouncy bass riffs, excellent drumming, and dissonant riffs, all with a production that brings to mind ‘Dawn of Possession’ era Immolation.

All in all, if you enjoy bands like Demilich, Immolation and Demigod, then there’s no doubt in my mind that this gloomy slab of underground Death is right up your alley.

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