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Dealing with the extremely dark realm of death/doom has only improved exponentially in recent years with a glorious streak coming month after month to delight. It’s a trend you have a lot of fun with and it still isn’t over even after tonight’s outing. The style can often seem too clean for some people’s tastes, but it is with this ferocious effort that we get not one but two unflinching acts that bring absolute evil back to death/doom.

Just looking at the cover gives you an idea of the pure and dirty blood that will be spread throughout this entire creation. This is that ugly death/doom that is destined to bring a cataclysm on all the good in this world that I would normally expect from the likes of Gateway, but now I have two new names that I can compare any future attempts at their Both of Cryptic Brood and from Night Hag we get a relentless death/doom that constantly stabs in the right place for maximum effect. It’s not a clean knife with a clear serrated pattern or shiny metal, but rather a rusty razor that does more damage on the way out than on the way in, and that’s just the beginning of the terror inflicted throughout “Swollen!” With Rancid Phlegm”! Both acts here give us a menacing display of raw power that cannot be denied, as Cryptic Brood’s sound relies more on poisonous riffs that easily morph into a slower march that leaves a scorched earth behind with bloody pikes. pointing forward at all times, but it’s then, Night Hag takes the field to give us an equally visceral experience that definitely leans more towards the fatal side, especially in its final offering, but with so much raw evil that it packs a severe punch that we’ve never seen before. ceases for a period of time. who have the stage. Every performance we deliver throughout “Swollen With Rancid Phlegm” is the complete opposite of what many of us expect from the land of death today, to the point that it’s almost shocking to see something as overwhelmingly aggressive as Cryptic. . Brood and Night Hag appear here, but any of us would be remiss not to mention how powerful both acts are, as each track is a brutal assault like very few other works of the style we have in the current climate. And it’s after falling into nightmarish swamps full of blood, fog and blood-curdling screams several times that I can barely comprehend what’s been done throughout “Swollen With Rancid Phlegm” in all its undeniable depravity, and I love it!

Works like this do not appear often enough because they show us a side of this beloved style that very few dare to attempt, let alone forge it into their own vision, which is more than worthy of being investigated again and again, and is more than clear. that both Cryptic Brood and Night Hag are capable of that feat with what they have accomplished in this division. “Swollen With Rancid Phlegm” is not just an unwavering display of horrible power, but seven testaments to the talent behind these two acts to the point that I will be keeping two eyes firmly on each of them because when they release new material, I will be absolutely furious if I find myself out of the loop even for a second. And I cannot suggest strongly enough that you join me in that patient vigilance.

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