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CONJURETH – The Parasitic Chambers / VINYL LP


Black 12″ Vinyl

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San Diego, California-based death metal quartet Conjureth return with a direct follow up to their well-received 2021 full-length debut, holding fast to their late 80’s death metal influenced sound while pushing the riff count to an impressive standard beyond the last. Instead of pandering to the devolution of the artform unto the laughable standard of so many others theirs is a craft in serious assembly, a reach for the higher standards of death metal proper before it’d been entirely dismantled and commodified. ‘The Parasitic Chambers‘ tributes the true elite standard of death metal as a frantic and dangerously violent act, blazing through its corridors and tunneling minutiae for the sake of an overwhelming, riff-crammed cataclysmic event. In other words, it is very much in line with the quality records they’ve put out thus far.

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